“You may have been listening to too much Fox News if:”

by militialaw on December 31, 2012

1) You thought Mitt Romney was going to win. 2) You thought Ron Paul couldn’t win but Mitt Romney could. (Ron Paul won twelve terms as a congressman. Romney only won one term as Governor and didn’t seek reelection because his approval rating was 34% in Massachusetts.) 3) You thought Mitt Romney was conservative or […]

Wishful Thinking…?

by militialaw on December 31, 2012

WRSA reposts a blog post by Bob Owens which provides a possible scenario when the Ban passes (the Ban will pass, please don’t tell me the neocon front Tea Party will somehow stop it). It is a fairly typical narrative of what has been coming from those who are awake and can see what the […]

The American Version of Mr. Foch’s Famous Statement

by militialaw on December 31, 2012

Artic Pilgrim (a site you must read every day) posted the famous statement attributed to Ferdinand Foch, the Generalissimo of the Allied Armies in France during the first banker’s war for world power: Hard pressed on my right; my left is in retreat. My center is yielding. Impossible to maneuver. Situation excellent. I am attacking. […]

Regular Capacity is Not High Capacity

by militialaw on December 30, 2012

Stop calling anything over 10 rounds “high capacity.” If a pistol is designed to hold 17 rounds then a 17 round magazine is its “standard capacity.” Likewise if your rifle uses a 60 round magazine or a 100 round drum. The ban described here is a ban on magazines holding more than 10 rounds, not […]

When Newspapers Attack. Part 2.

by militialaw on December 30, 2012

After disclosing the identities of handgun owners in two counties of New York, the paper has decided to publish another county’s list of handgun owners. But when patriots post the same info about associates of the newspaper, Howard Good, a journalism professor (possibly the worse kind of human) calls it “childish and petulant.” How is […]

Lawfare: The Misguided Notion that You Can Change the System by Using the System

by militialaw on December 30, 2012

A paid government killer writes about what he calls “lawfare” which he describes thusly: “To roll back the onslaught on our freedoms it takes a full court press, in the polling booth, in the court of public opinion, in education, in the court of law. At this point in our history I believe that it […]

The US Is Not on the Brink of a Civil War

by militialaw on December 29, 2012

The Rebellion Blog comments on a government approved journalist’s claim that a civil war is brewing. I disagree. A civil war is where at least two factions are fighting for control of a particular government. I am unaware of any faction that is seeking to seize control of DC. What we are on the brink […]