The US Is Not on the Brink of a Civil War

by militialaw on December 29, 2012

The Rebellion Blog comments on a government approved journalist’s claim that a civil war is brewing. I disagree. A civil war is where at least two factions are fighting for control of a particular government.

I am unaware of any faction that is seeking to seize control of DC.

What we are on the brink of, if anything, is a rebellion. If Feinstein’s Ban is introduced there will arise a massive wave of vandalism to protest the Ban’s introduction. For example, Sipsey Street long ago suggested a breaking of windows to protest Obamacare. We’d expect to see the same just by the introduction of the Ban. But likely at a much greater level of intensity than the scattered dosen or so instances of Obamacare window breaking.

If DC does not hear the Voice of the Vandals, and the Ban passes, then thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people will die as DC compels local police to enforce the Ban. It will be rebellion, but unless a faction rises up to try to wrest control of DC from the current Powers, it won’t be a civil war.

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