Lawfare: The Misguided Notion that You Can Change the System by Using the System

by militialaw on December 30, 2012

A paid government killer writes about what he calls “lawfare” which he describes thusly: “To roll back the onslaught on our freedoms it takes a full court press, in the polling booth, in the court of public opinion, in education, in the court of law. At this point in our history I believe that it is possible to maintain and even improve on our legal protections for freedom and liberty.”

He is absolutely wrong so I wonder about the intent of his post.

Polling booths: Votes are counted by machines according to a secret process and the government controls those machines so voting can’t change anything the government does not want changed. For example, do you really think the most liberal, environmental, Eco-conscious state in the Union did not vote to for GMO labeling?

Public Opinion: Mainstream Media is mainstream because it is government approved, that is, it publishes official government policy and refuses to challenge the government no matter is exposed (think Gunwalker “scandal”).

Education: 100% government controlled as to standards, content, and no deviation is allowed. Why do you think people are stunned to learn President Lincoln executed civilians, enslaved them, and suspended the First Amendment only after they leave government school?

Courts: Organs of the government and utterly dependent on the government’s continued existence so what possible change could they produce? They can only keep on keeping on. Further, courts have approved gun bans, ammo bans, Bible bans, warrantless arrests, the execution of an unarmed woman holding a baby (Ruby Ridge), and sentenced conscientious objectors to death or life imprisonment so I’m not sure what he thinks they will do to “maintain and even improve” any aspect of our life.

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