Gut Shots: Practice the New and Improved Mozambique Drill

by militialaw on December 31, 2012

The Mozambique Drill is shooting technique made popular by Colonel Jeff Cooper: two shots to the center mass, pause to check effect, one to the head.

Oleg Volk once pointed out that the Violent Criminal Actor you are most likely to face will be wearing body armor, probably Level III. This means the old Mozambique Drill is not as effective.

Mr. Volk created the VCA target which illustrates Level IIIA and Level III-armored thugs.


When you go walking with your plate carrier (you do have a plate carrier and you walk with it on under a jacket every night, right?) you must notice that from your gut to your groin you are vulnerable to rifle-propelled bullets.

That is also reflected in the VCA target. And that is now your new target from this day on.

I’ve found that the easiest aiming point is the belt line. It is easy to locate under stress and its natural for the eye to find the midpoint of an object. It just so happens that from the bellybutton to the midthigh is a wonderful cloverleaf of large arteries that bleed profusely when struck.

The American Drill, anyone?

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