NeoCons Still Don’t Get “It”

by militialaw on December 31, 2012

“It” is the fact DC will do anything it pleases, the People be damned.

Breitbart, the flagship of the neocons and big government lovers, posts this article promising 3 reasons a gun ban won’t happen.

Of course, the intrepid author focuses solely on Congress as the source of a ban. He forgets, he is naive, or perhaps does not realize that with the stroke of pen our President can ban anything he wants through executive order.

Clearly that will happen if Congress does not roll over as usual.

Oh, the courts? They will do something about an “unconstitutional” gun ban? Not going to happen.

And even if they did say “Mr. Obama, sir, um, that’s not right. Stop it,” the courts and the People will be reminded of Andrew Jackson’s astute observation about the “power” of the Supreme Court following Worchester v. Georgia “…the decision of the Supreme Court has fell stillborn, and they find that they cannot coerce Georgia to yield to its mandate,” that is, what army will they use to make sure the President obeys?

The Ban is coming.

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