Trade Semiauto Rifle for a Bolt Action (Plus Cash)?

by militialaw on December 31, 2012

Battlefield USA indirectly points out that the lowly bolt action rifle has a distinguished history of use by motivated men. It lead me to think about the current bull market (bubble even?) in semiauto rifles. It has made many prepared folks thousandaires…at least on paper.

So I began to think: What if you sold all your semiautos (except for one) at the current prices and replaced each with a $450 bolt action from Howa, Marlin, Savage, T/C or Mossberg?

You’d certainly be sitting on a stash of cash in addition to rifles capable of placing 147 grains of copper and lead (or 62 grains of copper, lead and, steel) into the head of a Violent Criminal Actor located 500 yards from you.

Is it practical to depend on the bolt action as your “battle rifle?” Maybe.

Watch this video to see how fast you can work a bolt after spending a couple of sitcoms every day for 3 weeks working the bolt:

That impressive rifleman work is from the blogger “Art of the Rifle.

Howas in 308 have a 10 round magazine adapter so you don’t have to reload as much.

Mossberg makes a bolt action that takes AR15 mags.

Thinking differently should not be limited to Apple users.


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