Wishful Thinking…?

by militialaw on December 31, 2012

WRSA reposts a blog post by Bob Owens which provides a possible scenario when the Ban passes (the Ban will pass, please don’t tell me the neocon front Tea Party will somehow stop it).

It is a fairly typical narrative of what has been coming from those who are awake and can see what the nation is coming to and I respect he is awake.

But Mr. Owens envisions 40,000 to 100,000 active shooters will engage the soft underbelly of the empire by shooting them dead. Once the low hanging fruit is harvested, the balance of the weak-willed servants of the empire will flee to avoid the epidemic of “.22LR to the cranium” and “.308 to the upper thoracic” that will suddenly develop in otherwise healthy servants.

I don’t believe it will happen that way.

I saw the Katrina Confiscation coverage and I’ve heard the interviews of the National Guardsman justifying what they were doing and it is unequivocal:

(1) US soldiers and cops will forcibly disarm their neighbors without hesitation; and

(2) said neighbors will surrender their guns without so much as a cross word.

What is different now or will be different in 2013?

Was a cure developed for the disease called “Modern Americanism?” You know, that chronic condition marked by a fear of the government, a love of ESPN, Xbox, and sports bars and endless talk of “if only the government obeyed the Constitution things would be better.”

In 1994 the Clinton Ban passed without a peep from the People. Oh, for sure, the supporters were tossed out during the next election, but their replacements did absolutely nothing to repeal the Ban because the People did not demand it. The People grew comfortable in their chains and even decorated the chains with pretty colors and acted as if there were no chains (“See how pretty my ‘post-ban’ rifle is…you can hardly tell its not a 1993 model”)

Not even the almighty savior NRA raised a single pinky finger to fight back (probably because they supported the ’68 Gun Ban so Clinton’s was no big deal).

But this time is different, I’m told. They say now the People will fight back because ___________________.

The only blank I can think of is “the economic collapse came on so strongly, no one cared about ‘toys’ anymore.”

You know how people are suddenly open to do something drastic once they get fired or laid off? The King of the Rat Race suddenly is open to moving to the country, living in an RV, and subsistence farming cause they have nothing tying them to Suburbia?

Unless and until stagflation hits (at least 15% “official” unemployment, 25% inflation), that is, until economic hope is pressed out of Modern American, there will be no Rebellion.

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