The Reality of Your “Resistance”

by militialaw on January 11, 2013

I know you want to believe you are going to do something about the gun ban, which is now a few days away. You are going to “resist” whatever that means. But if history is our guide (and it is) you will do nothing.

That’s right. You will do nothing.

If you are like most People this is your future as told by the last honest “patriot”:

The day I sold my guns, it was snowing. It was a gray, cold, miserable day, appropriate for capitulation in the face of tyranny. That’s what I did. I gave up. I cashed in. With a belly full of hatred for the Democratic politicians who, day after day, chip away at the Constitution and our civil rights, I decided to give them, not what they wanted, but what I could stomach. So I sold all my guns, pocketed the money and went home unarmed on my own terms.

It is refreshing to read something honest. He is honest because he is willing to admit that he loves his country but his desire to be accepted by the government, to have and to hold his comforts, all exceed his long-recognized “Duty to throw off such Government and to provide new Guards for their future Security.”

This man is the average American man. Oh, I do want to believe we are on the cusp of an uprising but I know that American Man has become accustomed, trained, and molded into an obedient servant of the State. If it tells you to do something you will compete with your neighbor to comply.

The State wanted you to elevate it and allow it to proclaim that neither God nor His Word may be acknowledged in the halls of government. And you did.

It wanted you to register your machine gun. And you did.

It wanted to prevent you from buying a gun by mail. And you agreed.

It wanted to ban rifles, and ammo, and magazines and you let it.

It wants to pay Planned Parent to kill a child every 90 seconds. That’s fine, because it’s “constitutional.”

Nothing has changed.

But I won’t fault you for dropping off your rifles at the nearest DHS collection center when the call comes. I think it is human nature to fall in line…when there is no alternative.

But if there is an alternative, Americans have a remarkable tendency to become vicious.

That is, when Americans began to agitate to replace their constitutional monarchy with a republic, bombs were detonated and insurrection became as natural as breathing. That soldier standing there, that fellow citizen in a King-approved military uniform? He was shot as dead as can be and without hesitation because the man on the other end of the musket had a plan. He had a plan to help institute a new form of government and he knew violence was the only way to achieve the goal.

Learn your history: Britain went to seize ammo and arms at Lexington and Concord, after the Americans made it clear a rebellion was to occur. Armed American militiamen were literally drilling and seen by the Redcoats marching to the depot. The attempted seizure was not a “gun ban” it was a strategic attack on the supplies of a revolutionary army. The Feinstein/Obama ban is not a strike against a possible substitute. There is no open preparation by a militia this time. Your forefathers had already mobilized and declared an alternative. You have not.

See why present day America is safe as can be for jack-booted thugs?

1775 won’t happen again because the People do not have an alternative to the present Babylon.

I contend people must justify why they are shooting men to death, because they will not kill for killing’s sake. People need to be able to justify their behavior, “I’m not a murderer, I’m just aiming for this man’s head because he’s trying to stop my revolution.” That’s human nature and it is the single unifying thread among all resistance groups throughout history. Each wanted their own people in power and were willing to use violence to get them there.

Killing a man because he came to take your guns, without more, is next to impossible effort for an American because once that man is dead, what will you do to the next man who comes to arrest you for murder? Will you kill him? Think that through.

The second man comes to your door in a nice suit and with a piece of paper signed by a judge. He explains he does not want your guns (“hey man, I agree they are your right”) but he needs to arrest you pursuant to a warrant obtained on probable cause and bring you to a trial presided by a judge and 12 of members of the community will determine your guilt or innocence. You will also be provided an attorney at no charge if you can’t afford one. It’s all going to be done by the book. What then?

This second man presents none of the hallmarks of a “Nazi gun grabber,” he just wants you to “obey the Constitution” and help you to exercise your God-given 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th Amendment rights.

You will “obey the Constitution” won’t you?

Ok, now do you see the problem? Try to get a man to turn criminal in order to stand on his rights, and you might as well try to convince him to kill himself.

There must be a goal.

And until a goal is designated by the People, and the People decide to pursue the goal by any means necessary, the federal effort to wholly disarm the People will continue to baby-step its way to its goal of disarmament.

H/T to Arctic Patriot for “pushing back” against the original version of this post.

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