Today Should Be “Civil Rights Day”

by militialaw on January 21, 2013

Instead of setting aside a day to recognize “civil rights” in general, the feds christened today about a single man. A man who was a socialist, a communist-sympathizer, and a plagiarist.

The fact MLK Day is a literal federal “holy day,” but 4/19, 9/17, and 12/15 are relegated to proclamations and lip service, sums up every reason our “Republic” is past the point of no return.

Today I salute EVERY American, past and present, who has used the courts, the picket, the firearm, or the ballot to uphold, defend, or exercise basic human rights. And yes, that would include MLK; I believe a person who holds himself out as a Man of God should be held to a higher standard, but he did exercise the rights to assemble and speech to a remarkable degree.

One thought on “Today Should Be “Civil Rights Day”

  1. Pilgrim says:

    He was an unrepentant adulterer as well, and held to heretical views of his professed faith.


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