Are You Better Off Now Than in 1776?

by militialaw on February 27, 2013

Farah at WND picks up on something that should have been self-evident to even the most distracted American that when our forefathers started killing government officials, they had more liberty than we could imagine.

1776 Americans had a much lower threshold for tyranny.

Of course, most Americans were Christians…literally. They used the Bible as a textbook, prayed to God at all meetings, and attended church every time the doors were open.

No doubt that is why Americans were not dependent on a government check and viewed government as either a birthright or a thing to be hated. That is, the rich were expected to lead and the balance of the folks were expected to not kill them if they were mostly let alone.

There is something to be said for a small group of folks who are monarchs and whose involvement in the People’s life is limited to taxation.

Nowadays, we’d probably trade a body part for a government that ONLY taxed us, i.e. no “regulations” on trade, speech, worship, etc.

A colonial was ruled by a King but could make or buy a cannon used by His Majesty’s Royal Army.

How’s that for freedom?

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