It is Good to Be a Government Thug

by militialaw on March 2, 2013

Try this: Get 7 of your buddies to blast over a hundred rounds at two people you think are criminals. In a neighborhood. In the middle of the street.

That is a super quick way to get arrested, thrown in jail, and charged with a variety of violent felonies including attempted murder.

But not if you wear a California Peace Officer badge.

If you have that badge, you can do all the above, and get a free paid vacation.

Read about how LAPD gets to do all the above here.

Here is what a neighbor said about 8 gangsters shooting up her neighborhood:

“I think they have to be supported through this,” said Joanne Arnn. “Yes, it’s unfortunate, thank goodness no one here was fatally injured, but it’s not a very safe world.”

Don’t laugh. 99% of your neighbors feel the same way.

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