Announcement: Free Vacation for Baltimore Police Officer

by militialaw on March 31, 2013

In a heroic display of his ability to murder, an unnamed Balitmore police officer entered the backyard of one of his wards and shot him down.

The victim, Nick Romano, had discharged his shotgun to get a feel for it. Understandable. Of course, he should not have done it in his backyard, so our hero cop played cop, DA, judge, jury, and executioner. Finding Mr. Romano guilty of discharging a firearm within city limits, the cop who cannot be named because he is not a regular person thus he does not have to be identified, afforded Mr. Romano the only appropriate penalty: death.

Mr. Romano was at the very home where a home invasion took place the week before should not have reacted to an armed man coming into his backyard uninvited. For that transgression, he was made to be an example.

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