If This Isn’t Aryan Brotherhood, We Are In Trouble

by militialaw on March 31, 2013

The governments of Texas and the USA are alleging in news reports that the execution of 2 Texas prosecutors and possibly a Colorado prison warden were carried out by the Aryan Brotherhood. However, they will not confirm that it is true as they have no suspects.

What should be of concern is that the targets of these killings, and their random nature, fit within the myth that constitution advocates would carry out similar attacks out as part of a “lone wolf” operation.

If these murders are in fact the work of the AB, but if it does not retain an attorney to disseminate an admission, or otherwise make the public aware this is its work, bet on DHS using these murders as justification for its continued war on civil rights in order to combat “domestic terrorism” or “violence against law enforcement.”

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