Why Do Oath Keepers Support Exisiting Gun Laws?

by militialaw on April 18, 2013

On April 19 the Oath Keepers (“OK”) will hold its rally out on Lexington Green (or maybe not: its permit was cancelled due to the Boston Bombing).

OK are one of the most popular pro-liberty orgs in America because it is perceived as a collection of LEOs and military that take their oath of allegiance seriously. OK has a list of things its members have pledged not to do, but notably ignoring current firearm restrictions and limits on the Second Amendment is not one of them.

They swear they won’t enforce a gun confiscation order or a semiauto rifle ban, but other than that, they are down with all manner of anti-2A laws, including background checks (where you have to prove your “innocence” to a LEO in violation of the 5th and 2nd Amendments).

I just can’t believe folks that refuse to disobey unconstitutional orders to enforce current laws (“what part of ‘shall not be infringed’ don’t you understand”) will suddenly grow a conscience and disobey future (inevitable) laws.

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