Martial Law: As Easy as Screaming “Terrorist”

by militialaw on April 21, 2013

Boston threw a massive party on Friday to celebrate being taken over by a militarized police force the police capturing a suspect in Monday’s bombing.

They cheered the tanks and heavily armed police as heros; despite the fact they had all transportation shut down, were forced to stay inside their homes, had all businesses shut down, had cell phones shut down, and even endured house-to-house searches a la Kandahar.

All because a single man was on the run. One man caused one of the largest city in America to “go on lock down” as the government media so sickeningly called.

It was not a lock down, it was martial law.

In the cradle of American Independence.

Think Adams, Hancock, or Revere would be proud?

The horrific irony that was overlooked by all but a few was “in the steeple of the Old North Church in Boston Thursday evening, warning of the impending invasion by armed government troops. Same as in 1775. Extremely disgusting coincidence that nobody seems to appreciate.”

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