Time to Put Her Down

by militialaw on April 27, 2013

Ranchers are often placed in situations that require them to evaluate the ability of one of their herd to continue living. It is not a pleasant chore and it is not something anyone looks forward to carrying out. But it is still a chore and it must be carried out. It is better that an animal is “put out of its misery” or its “soon to be” misery than let it continue to stay in its present condition. If it is an animal they have had for a long time in their care, the affection they have for the animal makes the chore more difficult.

But the time to put her down comes.

We, the People of the United States of America, find ourselves as ranchers with a dying animal called our country. Those reading this have probably spent over 30 years with our country. It is well known to us and we have an affection for it. The proof is in the flags we post everywhere. Hats. Shirts. Cars. In so many ways we keep little memories of her around us because even if the country is not what we want, the ideals on which she was founded are still a cherished memory that we use to straighten our spine, hold our head high, and embolden ourselves.

But the time has come to put her down.

Elections don’t work and can’t work. Between the electronic ballots, the proposed amnesty, and the universal suffrage which intractably links a vast class of people to voting themselves out of the government’s treasury, it is literally impossible for a strict Constitutionalist, small government, anti-tax, anti-spending, “let’s-shrink-the-government” candidate to ever win a federal office. If you don’t know that in your heart, then you are either ignorant or completely naive about what happened during the 2012 GOP presidential candidate nomination when the only no compromise gun candidate, the only candidate what would abolish the IRS and the Fed, was demonized and ridiculed.

It is time to accept the country you thought you lived in, the country you thought you had, is dying. Liberty is a buzzword that is inapplicable when there is a vast federal police force that views the Constitution as a relic that sometimes gets in the way of a good arrest (or killing).

Your neighbor does not support your right to keep and bear arms without limitation, they are dependent on federal aid dollars directly or through a state program, and they think the government is not doing enough to help them.

Your city government hires former federal killers to be the police and look the other way when they treat the city like Fallujah.

Your county government has long since ceded all it’s power to the state. The sheriff is just a crony instead of the first line of defense against tyranny. They won’t reduce the size of the government.

Your state is a junkie hooked on federal dollars and is filled with people who care only about getting their pension and their 30 days off per year. They won’t reduce the size of the government.

You celebrate the defeat of proposed gun laws and accept no existing gun laws will be repealed.

All good things come to an end and the USA is not exempted from this rule. It’s ok to let go.

It’s going to hurt and you will shed tears.

But you didn’t cause this and you can’t fix it but you can create a better future.

It’s time to put her down and raise up a new national government.

An enfeebled national government. A national government that cannot tax, regulate or make war.

The Articles of Confederation or its equivalent must rise again.

It’s time for her to keep the last traces of her dignity.

It’s time to put her down.

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