The Kapo List

by militialaw on May 7, 2013

The Second Amendment states “the Right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

It is simple.

It is direct.

It provides no exceptions.


However, thanks to either an inability to read, or a well implemented government brainwashing program, certain patriot/threeper/2A bloggers will publish comments in support of gun control.

Background checks are ok, right?

CCW permits are reasonable, right?

Full auto bans are common sense, right?

Wrong, wrong, wrong. All federal gun control is “unconstitutional” if you can read basic English.

Yet, despite all of these being clear violations of the Second Amendment, it seems every day some hero of the blogging world spouts off in support of these measures. They repeat the lies told to their grandparents about why the feds need to crack down on unlimited gun ownership.

Over and over they repeat the lies and that is why it is now “truth” that “gun control is reasonable.” By repeating the lies, by giving legitimacy to the actions of the feds, they are helping to perpetuate the present system. As long as the leaders of the movement voice their support of gun control is as long as gun laws will continue to be made and why existing gun laws will not be repealed.

We think someone has to call them on this.

They should be identified and a list of them maintained. Not coincidentally, we are volunteering to do the list and we call it the Kapo List.

A “kapo” was a prisoner of the Nazi death camps who was empowered by the SS to police his fellow prisoner. They received special favors for helping implement SS rules and regulations. They were scum.

How fitting it is, then, to identify bloggers who assist the government with its efforts to enforce gun laws as kapos.

First up is Bob Owens. He just posted a criticism of Adam Kokesh’s call for 1,000 men to bear arms in defiance of a DC rule against such conduct. Kokesh wants volunteers to “meet at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. From there, they will march across the Memorial Bridge into Washington, D.C. and continue down Independence Avenue.” During the march they will bear loaded rifles.

A man who supports the Second Amendment would think this is a legitimate form of protest. A man that supports the Second Amendment would see that Kokesh is just calling for volunteers to bear arms, you know, like the 2A actually describes. Something that should be noncontroversial.

Not Bob.

Nope, to Bob, Kokesh’s call is “defective” and Kokesh is an “idiot.”

He tells his followers readers to avoid Kokesh and do not participate. Do not heed this call to bear arms according to the 2A because:

“The only beneficiary of such a march turned slaughter would be anti-gun statists in the polimedia, who would use the occasion and the sizable body count to advance even more outlandish gun control, if not a direct attempt to repeal on the Second Amendment itself.”

So Bob admits the government is bloodthirsty and will kill those who attempt to exercise their rights, but he is not concerned about that? Don’t see a problem, huh?

He admits we are living under the rule of violent men with rifles who want to kill us for carrying a piece of steel as a form of protest, but now is not the time bring that to anyone’s attention?

Well, then what should we do when faced with greater tyranny than King George III ever hoped to impose?

“Trust the government” he says. Bob’s solution is to wait on SCOTUS to reverse Heller and finally find that “shall not be infringed” means “shall not be infringed.”

He promises the government will save us from gun control if we just work with it and await that decision.

“Just follow the rules, and everything will go much smoother for you” appears to be his mantra (which was probably said at least once by a kapo circa 1944).

No, Bob, the government won’t save us. SCOTUS will not change it’s hive mind and Congress will not repeal any form of gun control.

As you even admit, the government will just kill us when we try to keep and bear arms.

The fact is the government has never saved us from tyranny and if you think the government will save us now, you Bob are actively working to maintain a neutered 2A and the only question remains: are you doing it intentionally or unintentionally?

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