More Herschel Smiths, Less Kapos

by militialaw on May 9, 2013

Herschel Smith writes the Captain’s Journal blog and he penned a post that sums up why all gun control must be opposed:

“The case that I have made, and repeatedly so, is that a system of universal background checks is a precursor and necessary prerequisite to a national gun registry. I have never charged that it would be some accidental feature of overbearing governance. I have charged that it would be intentional, and that universal background checks would have no effect on gun crime.”

The point of his post is that there is no “slippery slope” but that every infringement is actually an intentional effort to degrade the Second Amendment into…well, what it is today. I believe without reservation that it is no accident our great-grandfathers could buy a gallon of paint and a Thompson machine gun at the same store, but we can’t.

Gun banners have only one goal (complete disarmament) and they will continue to trudge on toward that goal via piecemeal legislation which must be opposed every time.

No Comprise; No Gun Control.

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