Kapo Tim Brown: Bearing Arms is “Stupid” and “Foolish”

by militialaw on May 11, 2013

Tim Brown at Tyranny Freedom Outpost has come out against the July 4 peace march being organized by Adam Kokesh.

Like a good kapo, Tim warns that bearing arms in a manner consistent with the Second Amendment is counterproductive to the present negotiations with the rulers over the rights you can have:

“Don’t get me wrong here, I completely agree with the sentiments of Kokesh that the Federal government has become tyrannical. I completely agree, as I told the DC press spokesman over the phone, that gun laws in DC are unconstitutional. They violate the Second Amendment. However, what good is a protest if you never get to make it?

If you go knowing that you will be arrested, your firearm taken, and you are thrown in jail and fined, then have to face more travel charges to return to DC, what have you accomplished? Oh that’s right, you stood up to “The Man,” right? Good for you. In all reality, you accomplished nothing except to put yourself back a step.”

Well it is nice to know Tim believes the feds have gone tyrant, but it is disheartening that this admission still won’t motivate him to do anything other than obey.

It is also sad to see he thinks getting arrested automatically means you’ve accomplished nothing.

Well, Tim, the person has only accomplished what civil rights protestors have been accomplishing since our founding: getting arrested to protest immoral laws. Rosa Parks accomplished something. The Freedom Riders accomplished something. Sometimes you have to disobey immoral laws and get arrested if you want to accomplish something. It is not all tweets and blog posts; liberty sometimes means you need to leave your house.

In lieu of demonstrating, Tim offers this solution “stop electing tyrannical representatives and men with no character and we will see peaceful revolution.”

Is that all?

We just have to replace 290 Representatives and 67 Senators to make the Congress veto-proof and elect a president so the office can’t EO its way into more gun bans? Well, isn’t Kokesh just so “foolish” and “stupid” not to think of this course of action. I wonder why we haven’t been trying this very approach since, I don’t know, the founding of the republic? Elections! Of course! Those will save us!

What a fool Kokesh is to think continuing to put an effort into the same old thing that has been going on since at least the 1934 ban will not work “this time.”

But maybe before we continue with the status quo of sitting at home, lets see if voting ever worked to give you more liberty.

Remember when the GOP was voted into power in 1994 after the Clinton Gun Ban was passed and…they didn’t repeal the ban?

Remember when the GOP candidate was voted in as president in 2000 and…he didn’t repeal a single gun law?

Remember when the GOP candidate was re-elected as president in 2004 and…he didn’t repeal a single gun law?

At some point these self-proclaimed patriots need to face the truth that the government has no interest in giving you back any of the freedoms it has taken. You can’t bargain with them. You can’t negotiate with them.

All you can do is show that you will no longer comply. The system runs on compliance and they cannot force you and everybody else to comply…unless they are willing to kill you. And when that time comes, I imagine the kapos will still need more confirmation that the government has gone off the rails before they do something (“They aren’t putting us on cattle cars yet, so we should still continue to try to negotiate”).

Face the truth. No matter who you run, or what petitions you file, the federal government will never repeal a gun law.

It has never happened.

Why do you think things are different now?

The July 4 march is a a peace march that should be encouraged. It has nothing to do with violence, unless the government has other plans.

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