Kapo Stephen Eggleston: Obey

by militialaw on May 25, 2013

A former US intelligence officer not surprisingly comes out against the Second Amendment. He warns all his readers to “reject” the bearing of arms in Washington DC.

He points out

“The DC Police have NOT given authorization for this activity…”

Are you surprised a “former” federal agent wants you to obtain federal permission before you exercise your right to bear arms?


2 thoughts on “Kapo Stephen Eggleston: Obey

  1. Please, if you are going to quote me out of context, and misrepresent my beliefs as a polar opposite manner to what they are, please link to the full article.



  2. militialaw says:

    Mr. Federal Intelligence Officer:

    I had linked to the full article. In fact it was the only link in the entire post and I’m sure that’s how you discovered I wrote about you.

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