The Winner Writes History

by militialaw on June 29, 2013

Invasion is freedom. Killing is freedom. The feds are celebrating the 150th anniversary of their slaughter of determined defenders of the CSA this Sunday. Because 1984 was in fact a textbook for the federal machine, the feds have used classic Orwellian newspeak and entitled one of their programs “Gettysburg: A New Birth of Freedom.” Freedom?

It’s All About the Show

by militialaw on June 29, 2013

“If we bulk up security around him, then he looks dangerous.” The alleged Aurora shooter’s attorney’s filed a motion to reduce the number of deputies that are present in the court room. Currently 8 deputies stand guard when court is in session. Usually, courtrooms only have 1 deputy on guard. This number increases when you […]

Paul McGuire Still Doesn’t Get It

by militialaw on June 24, 2013

In his article, Big Brother’s 300 Million Man Army, Mr. McGuire correctly describes the rise of the Orwellian surveillance police state and how it is a tool to get the People to think that the State is all powerful and can’t be stopped. Great point. Good read so far. But then he veers off into […]

America Has Changed

by militialaw on June 16, 2013

In the 80’s the kids formed bands called Millions of Dead Cops and held concert tours called Rock Against Reagan. In 2013 the kids have Justin Bieber and tours called Hellfest. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Christian Criminals

by militialaw on June 16, 2013

Just keep voting, that will fix everything. Feds Spying on Churches Literally, nothing is scared to them. They will push and push and push and we yield and yield and yield. In 1775 pastors would preach treason obedience to Christ and each man deserves liberty. In 2013 pastors will spy on their flock and allows […]