Using the Courts to Identify Seditious San Francisco Citizens

by militialaw on June 11, 2013

Mr. Codrea at the The War on Gun Blog posted about a lawsuit filed by the San Francisco City Attorney’s office. The City is suing out-of-state mag dealers that had the gall to sell repair parts for firearm magazines to citizens of the City by the Bay.

The City alleges the dealers should have known these parts would be built up into illegal magazines, aka 11+ rounders.

I doubt this has much to do with preventing the importation of repair kits, and instead is s clever way for the City to ID all citizens who have purchased the “rebuild kits,” find them, and presumably execute them for their crime. You see, civil litigation involves a process called “discovery.” It allows each side to require the other to turn over evidence and in this case the identity of San Francisco buyers is quite possibly relevant to this lawsuit as evidence that must be turned over.

If I was a San Francisco resident who bought from these companies, I’d immediately contact a lawyer because, arguably, the records of purchasers are “consumer records” which require notice be given to the “consumer” before the info is turned over. The notice gives the consumer the opportunity to prevent disclosure or sanitize disclosure.

If you are a local attorney who will agree to speak with possible victims of San Francisco for free or a nominal cost, please leave a note in the comments or email us.

If you are a San Francisco citizen who needs to talk to a lawyer, please email us and we will see if we can find someone for you.

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