Paul McGuire Still Doesn’t Get It

by militialaw on June 24, 2013

In his article, Big Brother’s 300 Million Man Army, Mr. McGuire correctly describes the rise of the Orwellian surveillance police state and how it is a tool to get the People to think that the State is all powerful and can’t be stopped. Great point. Good read so far.

But then he veers off into “the State is great” la la land when he writes:

“I am not saying that our government, the military, and intelligence agencies should not be allowed to have the tools to fight an enemy. Terrorism and warfare are real and millions of lives are at stake. Like most Americans, if given a choice between violating a legitimate terrorist’s or terrorist group’s rights or seeing multiple nukes going off in U.S. cities, I believe the intelligence agencies and the military need the power to stop those attacks before they happen. In addition, I am not against the use of things like waterboarding and other enhanced interrogation techniques if they force a terrorist to reveal his plans for destruction and allow our government to stop it.”

Why he thinks “our government, the military, and intelligence agencies” deserve the power they have taken is flawed at the basic level. It is a typical regurgitation of the mainstream patriot movement.

First, “terrorism” is not real and the enemy Fox News tells you is just about to kill us all is a figment of the Pentagon’s imagination. There is no organized plot to use nukes or WMDs against the US. Can you name a single plot interrupted by the FBI that was not funded by them? Look, Muslims, radical or not, are not killing US soldiers because “they hate our freedom.” They are doing what you would do if you noticed a foreign soldier on your street. Wave after wave of Afghani soldiers are not crashing against our shores because their fight is not against the citizens of the US, but the men with squad automatic rifles manning checkpoints in their hometown. Remove the US occupying force and suddenly peace will break out. Widespread domestic spying is not needed, nor is “selective” torture unless you are trying to teach the populace to fear the government.

Second, no government ever has NOT turned its violence making ability against its own people. I’m not sure how much more we need to learn about the NSA domestic spying before Mr. McGuire wakes up and realizes that his noble government has designated the residents of the USA as enemy #1, but there is no moral reason for allowing the government to continue to operate on this fashion.

You can’t have limited Bill of Rights violation. Either the Bill of Rights is left alone or it is contaminated beyond use. There is no such thing as a little bit of tyranny.

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