How Not to Respond to Cops

by militialaw on August 31, 2013

This tape proves that you can’t talk your way out of an arrest. So shut up. Don’t cooperate because you can’t avoid an arrest. Shut up. Be quiet. But let’s look at all four mistakes these gentlemen made 1. Failed to exercise their right to remain silent; 2. Telling the cops their showing up and […]

Still No Evidence

by militialaw on August 31, 2013

Its been about 48 hours since I asked Kerodin for proof of several claims he has made about his work. Still no response there, here, or here. Fun fact of the day: All jurisdictions have a rule for trials that states if a party does not produce evidence that he has the power to produce, […]

How Kerodin Answers Questions…

by militialaw on August 30, 2013

One of my new favorite blogs is San Jacinto County Outlaw. Smart, edgy, a great read. Plus he posts everyday which is refereshing. Today he posted about “The [III] community also has many factions, the split generally has much to do with the education process as well.” He mentioned the famous Kerodin as a person […]

Oakland Secret Detentions – Accidental?

by militialaw on August 29, 2013

Oakland’s secret arrest and detention of 8 men August 15 has gone from tyrannically disgusting to ragingly suspicious. Police released the names of the men after first releasing the name of 14 separate men who had nothing to do with the USGOV/local raid August 14-15. The 8 men who were designated those that had been […]

Secret Arrests and Detentions Have Gone Live in Oakland

by militialaw on August 27, 2013

Secret arrests are the necessary tactic of totalitarian governments and it has now been documented to be the official policy of a major California city. Oakland police have arrested 8 people and have refused to disclose their identities or the crimes they are accused of committing. The people were arrested on either August 14 and […]

I’m Famous

by militialaw on August 26, 2013

I frequently criticize Oath Keepers for being unhelpful, to put it mildly. I love the concept, dig the number of members, but can’t stand how they aren’t doing anything. I posted something along that line and it was not only responded to by Mr. Codrea of WoG fame, but also Mr. Vanderboegh of SSI. It’s […]

Give Till It Hurts

by militialaw on August 20, 2013

Mike Vanderboegh is a literal hero. No, he’s not .mil or LEO i.e. a paid govt killer doing what he is paid to do. He’s a literal hero because he has put himself out between you and the federal monster and he didn’t have to do it. He writes the Sipsey Street Irregulars blog and […]

We Probably Have Another 120-180 Days of Liberty Left

by militialaw on August 19, 2013

Hope you bought your ammo and explained to your significant other where she should bury your corpse: TPTB just “got real” as the gang members say: Gay lover of Snowden’s personal journalist detained, searched, and threatened Britain forces journalists to destroy computers with Snowden info Obama demands warrantless cell phone searches Ever see a dog […]

The Children Are the Enemy

by militialaw on August 19, 2013

I’d say this is a complete vindication of the US’ effort to turn Americans into as close to sheep as they can without making them grow wool: Every single college student who was “consensually” contacted by an authority figure submitted.