Secret Arrests and Detentions Have Gone Live in Oakland

by militialaw on August 27, 2013

Secret arrests are the necessary tactic of totalitarian governments and it has now been documented to be the official policy of a major California city.

Oakland police have arrested 8 people and have refused to disclose their identities or the crimes they are accused of committing. The people were arrested on either August 14 and August 15 of this year and as far as anyone can tell, have been held incommunicado during this entire period of time. The arrests are a part of “Operation Ceasefire,” a federal, state and local combined effort to go after the “most violent offenders who are associated with gangs, homicides, shootings and robberies throughout the city.”

The Activist Post notices the similarity between these secret arrests and the USGOV’s NDAA detention powers.

That is no accident. Local governments are controlled by DC and will do its bidding.

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