Oakland Secret Detentions – Accidental?

by militialaw on August 29, 2013

Oakland’s secret arrest and detention of 8 men August 15 has gone from tyrannically disgusting to ragingly suspicious.

Police released the names of the men after first releasing the name of 14 separate men who had nothing to do with the USGOV/local raid August 14-15. The 8 men who were designated those that had been sent into a blackhole “were actually picked up for lesser crimes, and it remained unclear late Wednesday if they have been formally charged with crimes at all.”

OPD explains it all as “we are incompetent, don’t mind us:”

There is no purposeful conspiracy or anything, I think it is just not managed well in the information release,” Joshi said. “Yeah, obviously we are a police department that is struggling with lots of things. But we’re not trying to cover up anything.

So for 2 weeks they repeatedly refused to name the folks because they are just not good at thir job. Riigghhttt.

My take is this was not a screw up but a test of the “People’s Emergency Broadcast System;” that is, they wanted to know how we’d react to NDAA-style detentions at the local level. Looks like they got the answer they hoped for.

Aside from the local paper, no one cared about this development of the police state. The III blogs ignored the story despite the obvious link to using this tactic against ordinary gunowners not engaged in rebellion or lawlessness.

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