How Kerodin Answers Questions…

by militialaw on August 30, 2013

One of my new favorite blogs is San Jacinto County Outlaw. Smart, edgy, a great read. Plus he posts everyday which is refereshing.

Today he posted about “The [III] community also has many factions, the split generally has much to do with the education process as well.” He mentioned the famous Kerodin as a person who has “opened doors.” I commented that Kerodin’s “federal felony conviction and tendency to say he’s going to do things that don’t happen have done more to divide III than any single person in recent memory.”

Kerodin got wind of the comment and posted the following:

MilitiaLaw: But for the empty holster rally in DC that I postponed due to general lack of interest, please share with the rest of the class the “…list of things he say’s he’s going to do that don’t happen…”

Really. I’ll even ignore (for the moment) your taint-suckling of Vanderboegh and, to use your words, that he “…is a literal hero…” (on your blog)

Please, list my failures.

Start with the book I never published…oh, wait – I have published two, it’s your hero Mikey who still hasn’t published…imagine that…


Classy and informative.

If you read Kerodin’s blog the profanity and name calling are par for the course, but they aren’t actually effective and useful like Mountain Guerilla.

What I touched on, and what is widely known, is that Kerodin aka Christian Hyman aka Christian Kerodin aka Sam Kerillion is a convicted extortionist. He was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison for threatening a shopping mall to pay him money or else he’d publish an article saying its facility was ripe for attack by terrorists.

How did Kerodin know the shopping mall was ripe for terrorist attack? According to his attorney: “Mr. Kerodin clearly was well read and had researched issues of security before he went into this business…” In other words, Kerodin has no background in security other than reading about it.

So I replied to Kerodin:

Your ad hominem attack and then mentioning someone not even remotely referenced in the original comment only emphasizes the fault I wrote about. It’d be nice if you were divisive because your comments are controversial, but the fact is your politics are on the level and nothing you write is far beyond what anyone else writes.

Like I said, I think you are divisive because you don’t walk the walk and you are a federally convicted felon. Your run in with the feds a few years back does you no favors. The patriot community has a rich history of federal felon informants and so the trust is just not there, and in fact shouldn’t be there. “This ain’t no game” as you like to say and getting involved at any level with anyone convicted of a felony can be an unnecessary risk.

But don’t get bent out of shape if people don’t trust you. Don’t blame me or anyone else that holds your past against you. This isn’t about “mistakes in the past” and trying to get a job. I’d hire a felon. And I’m involved with a group that only gives money to certain convicted felons, but I won’t participate in any patriot org where one is present. And I tell people to do the same.

As a former prosecutor, for the rest of my life I have to bear the burden of knowingly participating in the use of snitches to convict men of crimes that shouldn’t be crimes. I was the scum I now rail against. We got snitches through pre-existing felonies and tax problems. So I’d be less than worthless and a complete monster if I did not shout from the rooftops the risk felons pose to folks involved in any kind of patriot group. It sucks you are in that group as your anti-OK position is almost unique and certainly commendable, but you have seen what I am talking about up close and personal. Feds don’t mess around, they don’t play fair and for those reasons people should give felons a pass in this context.

And you can’t be serious about wanting a list of all your unfulfilled plans. You’ve been posting online for years: the 527(s); the two charities; the book tour; the radio ad. Is that enough? Should I post the RenFair fiasco? The Servicemaster fail?

I’ve posted before about the dangers of getting involved with felons. It’s a bad idea.

The RenFair fiasco is a reference to this event. Kerodin decided to go into the Renaissance Faire business by publishing a magazine and he claimed to be ready to do a 100,000 copy initial run. That venture went nowhere. It failed before it got off the ground. Why? Read all the comments by his target market.

The Servicemagic fail is a reference to his lawsuit he filed in federal court. He did it himself. No lawyer involved. That is usually a red flag that there is a major problem with the case. Attorneys often work on contingency so if it could have made money, they’d rep him and take a cut at the end. You’ve seen the “if you don’t win, we don’t get paid” ads, right? Same idea. Anyway that case was thrown out of court in March of 2013 before it made any progress because it didn’t have any merit.

And that brings us to the point of my questioning.

Kerodin is trying to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for his Citadel project but 1) he’s a convicted extortioner; 2) his RenFaire magazine venture collapsed before it got off the ground and 3) he filed a lawsuit that had no merit. Altogether that raises some legitimate concerns about Kerodin’s ability to get Citadel off the ground.

So I asked about many of the claims he has made over the years. You saw his first reponse. Here is his second attempt to set the record straight:

So – you are a “former” prosecutor (responsible for just how many convictions based on the violation of the “defendants” natural/Constitutional Rights) and you are worried about “my” past? Wow. I mean…wow.

Here are a few facts that I am certain will mean nothing to you: The 527 is a thriving success and helps Patriots both publicly and privately. The charities I have run fed thousands of people. The book tour resulted in very wide dissemination of III to Liberty and Our Fathers Weep. The Radio ads were in multiple radio markets, and resulted in a decent spike in new traffic when they ran.

I’ll add a few more for you:

CQB: I have helped train more than 100 Patriots thus far, with many classes scheduled for the future. III Arms: Launched and delivering III firearms via Jim Miller in less than a year since inception. The Citadel: Initial property owned and in the early stages of development, hosting a gathering of many Patriots in a few weeks, made national and international news, walked away from a tv deal, sat with Glenn Beck, and continues to piss off every Liberal in the country and quite a few “Patriots” who will never be more than loud-mouthed benchwarmers.

You seem to worry more about the people who don’t trust me than do I. You know why there are no websites devoted to how “Kerodin ripped me off” – because I don’t rip people off. I don’t lie. I say what I mean and mean what I say. I know that is a foreign concept to you and the people with whom you choose to ally. I do not see one tangible contribution you or your pal Mikey have contributed to the Patriot Movement – and I don’t expect to, either. A commie and a prosecutor – not the stuff of which real men are made. By your own admission, as a prosecutor, you sent men to prison who did not deserve to go.

Eat a bullet and improve the gene pool.

Final note: If you are in “Patriot Projects” where you worry about the Feds, you are being an idiot. If you have something to hide and involve other Patriots, you are an idiot and to be avoided like the plague. Everything I do is in the open, with my name signed on the dotted line, and I never, ever whisper anything to anyone – I stand tall and whatever comes my way for being a Patriot, comes. Cowards and honey-traps use whispers.

Real men stand tall.


So he makes even more claims on top of the other ones but doesn’t provide proof, i.e. links to documents and such.

Instead He tells me to go kill myself…because I asked him questions?

You don’t tell someone to kill themselves if they ask for proof you are who you say you are.

But are you as curious as I was on why he won’t provide proof?

And the idea that you only have to fear the feds if you are doing something wrong directly contradicts something he just posted: 72 types of Americans who are terrorists. Folks, EVERYONE has a reason to fear the feds. They have declared open season on all citizens and unless you are on the government payroll, you better assume they are out to get you.

Anyway, I respond making it clear I just want some proof:

Don’t use your strawman “I’m not ripping people off” bromide. No one says you are presently a scam artist, people only say you used to be an extortionist. Knock off the Alinsky garbage and just be specific:

What’s the name of the 527 org? You said you created 2 but neither name shows up on a search. Even your wife’s alleged 527 isn’t listed and its website now redirects to

If you’ve fed thousands, what’s the name of the charit(ies) you run? And what happened to the felon charity and the free HVAC training you were starting?

Finally, where’d you go on your book tour? I recall you asking folks to buy your book and donate to gun dealers, but where did you go on the national book tour?

And you really want to claim III Arms is your success? Mr. Miler is quite the artisan. He’s doing all the work. You’ve made exactly zero of the product. But you still want the “success” on your resume. That is remarkably similar to why your Sevicemaster case was thrown out of court, isn’t it? You thought you could just register some domain names and not do any work at all and the money would just come in. Then when someone comes into town and actually starts doing work, you try to claim the “glory.”

You must agree your criminal conduct plus the RenFaire incident and then the Servicemaster lawsuit all could lead a reasonable person to be suspicious of anything you do now.

Just provide the proof and dispel the suspicions.

Third time is a charm right? Lots of links to evidence and documents? Afterall 527 orgs are regulated by the IRS and they have all sorts of filing requirements. Kerodin claims to be involved with 3. But the one that had a known website now redirects to because…?

Charities also are governed by the IRS and they have lots of public domain documents. Actually, a website would be nice too.

Do we get proof of anything I ask for? Take a look:

Militia – first, it is very interesting that both you and Mikey decide to come at me once again right after Bill and I knock the teeth out of a few white national fucks. Close to home, eh? Sheets in your closet? Nazi tat on your taint?

I’ve given him a chance to address each of the issues and instead he calls me a “Nazi.” The old racist card: when you are on the ropes, accuse the other side of racism. The rest of the response is just as non-responsive.

As to my business past and present – what the fuck makes you think I need to justify anything in my life to you? You are the only one complaining (well, you and Mike and assorted other losers in life) – not one single person who has ever had a direct dealing with me is complaining. Not one Prosecutor. Not one Attorney General. Not even one lawsuit.

Once again he claims he isn’t a current scam artist, but note, no one has ever claimed that he is. This is called misdirection and it makes it look like he’s making a point. But he could have written: “My car is well cared for, I always change the oil” and it would have the same bearing as what he actually wrote.

As to ServiceMagic – if you are a prosecutor, you know it was dismissed without prejudice, based on a standard failure to state a claim – we’ll re-file when we are ready.

No, he won’t refile. Its dead. The case is closed as he doesn’t have a case. You can read the moving papers and the judge’s order yourself, but what it boils down to is Kerodin filed what is is very similar to a patent troll lawsuit. He registered a bunch of generic domain names about HVAC, but he never actually tried to make money off them. A real business came in and used similar domains to actually run a business so Kerodin sued them and claimed they owed him money. The court explained to Kerodin he doesn’t have the right to squat on domains and not use them and then sue someone who is legitimately trying to make money off the generic words in the domain.

But really, how is that any of your business, how does it affect your life, and how does it help you do one single fucking thing to help Patriots?

It doesn’t affect me directly, but by publicly asking for money to start Citadel, it is fair game to investigate the person seeking money and trust. Asking questions helps patriots learn.

You are just one more bit of genetic filth that admits to having violated the natural Rights of your fellow man, and try to deflect your own stench by slinging poo at a real producer of results.

Again my point is made. He claims he is a “real producer” but I don’t see any evidence of that anywhere. I asked for proof. Still none.

Just like your pal Mikey, you sure do spend a LOT of time trying to tear down people who do real work, yet never seem to chalk up a single “win” in your life for the benefit of Liberty.

Mr. Vanderbough is not my friend. I’ve never met the man, never spoke to him, haven’t even exchanged an email. Kerodin assumes everyone who questions him is a minion of the original Sipsey Street Irregular. I am a fan of MV I admit. The man can turn a phrase.

Have you sold a single seed to help a single Patriot feed himself? Have you cut a single piece of armor plate to help protect a single Patriot? Have you donated a single item to a single PatCom to help raise money for Patriot causes?

Here is the funny part: Kerodin again takes credit for things he hasn’t done. San Jacinto County Outlaw sells seeds, Knuckle Draggin sells armor, and Miller at III Arms donated the gun to PatCom. Kerodin is not helping himself. He is admitting he doesn’t have a track record of doing anything for the community despite of his claims.

Have you ever questioned your pal Mikey about the decency of accepting hundreds-of-thousands of dollars of stolen medical care he is getting from real working men to slow the rate of decay of the cancer that is eating his rotten and pathetic ass?

Now he drags in the ethics of Medicare into the middle of a discussion about him.

Distract. Redirect. Make counter accusations.

Kerodin out Alinskys Alinsky.

Enjoy your suck, you have plenty of it. By the way, are you planning to hide behind that screen name your entire life, or are you man enough to put your real name behind your convictions?

Yes I’m remaining anonymous. I don’t want to sell anything. I don’t want anyone to follow me. I don’t want to be famous. That means I get to keep my privacy.

Don’t bother to answer, I really don’t care. You are just one more shining example of why this country needs to put some bleach in the gene pool.


And that, gentlemen, is how Kerodin answers questions about his public life.

9 thoughts on “How Kerodin Answers Questions…

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  2. George says:

    I linked to your site. Hope that this is alright. If not, let me know and I will remove. Maybe this will inspire the fool to open up? LOL! Like he needs anything to do that!

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  4. Ray says:

    Thank you for identifying this fraud. This con-man’s method of attacking an person that is ill is evil and repulsive. I have believed that this is the method of cowards.

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  6. widissident says:

    Thought about a few things.
    The in-fighting must stop. I will not support nor defend anyone when this kind of garbage continues. I made the mistake of defending someone early on and it’s bitten me in the ass before.

    If there was a theft involved, the the accusers should press charges.
    If they don’t press charges then why keep accusing?
    And K. Since they are asking, be about as open as you legally can be with the main accusers. Wirecutter, militialaw, SAN JACINTO COUNTY OUTLAW..

    For all that are involved…
    Come forward with the correspondence’s between yourselves involving the legitimacy/illegitimacy of any of the III businesses.

    Let us readers see it all.

    (posting on each blog)

  7. CC says:

    Sounds like a politician that has come to believe his own press releases..

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