How Not to Respond to Cops

by militialaw on August 31, 2013

This tape proves that you can’t talk your way out of an arrest. So shut up.

Don’t cooperate because you can’t avoid an arrest.

Shut up.

Be quiet.

But let’s look at all four mistakes these gentlemen made

1. Failed to exercise their right to remain silent;

2. Telling the cops their showing up and harassing them is a good thing;

3. Agreeing with the cops that a crazy woman complaining is a legitimate reason to harass them; and

4. “Calling ahead” to get approval of your rights.

First, remain silent. Ignore their questions. Ask to leave. Then leave. If they stop you…

Produce your ID (when they inevitably ask) and tell them they are harassing you. Point out they have no reason to do this. Ask what crime are they investigating. Get them on tape admitting they are just harassing you.

When you videotape them doing something illegal, don’t agree with them that their investigation is good and that the basis of their investigation is a good thing. That will be used against you at your trial.

Finally, the “calling ahead” thing blew up in their face. So don’t bother. The police can’t authorize your rights anymore than any random person on the street.

Police act quickly to arrest men for using Second Amendment while they enjoy a tasty beverage.

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