“You, Sir, Are Half Way There”

by militialaw on September 2, 2013

WRSA posts the picture of a CPO who claims to oppose supporting al Qaeda invading Syria. He does not claim to oppose obeying any order to participate in the al Qaeda offensive US response which is why he is only half right. My comment (which may not be approved by WRSA) was this:

You didn’t post the follow up picture where his sign says “But I’m still going to follow my orders and cash my paychecks because, hey, my oath was just a bunch of words I didn’t mean.”

I wish I wasn’t so sarcastic. But Oath Keepers and all military and police who don’t either (1) immediately arrest their unconstitutional-acting superior or (2) resign are worse than the enemy.


If the mystery CPO posts his discharge orders, I’d be impressed.

Otherwise, this is just another “feel good” expression of what we all know, but what “oath keepers” refuse to acknowledge as evidence that (1) the Republic has died dead (2) those with guns and a commission must act now and (3) anyone who continues to drink of the fountain of the fed is suspect.

A clever picture is not going to make me trust you, sir. You still are a part of the machinery that views me as an enemy.

Until the military turns on our Emperor, do not trust them.

Yes, I know its blasphemy to “conservative” Americans not to bow before a military man, but thanks to “conservative” Americans I’m living under the Patriot Act, the ’86 machine gun ban, and I’m paying 42.7% of my income to DC.

If you are a “conservative,” I know you would support my detention in the name of terrorism.

If you are a “liberal,” I know you’d support my detention in the name of security.

I owe none of you anything, but 147 grains of lead and copper traveling at 2750fps if you, with violence in your heart, come through my front door.

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