Tell Me If You’ve Heard This One Before

by militialaw on September 16, 2013

-A gun free zone

-“Multiple shooters” reported by every news outlet;

-Semiautos are used;

-A single shooter is killed;

-The other shooters disappear;

-Witnesses keep saying more than one shooter was seen;

-Within 12 hours the official story is changed to there was only one shooter and

-The “lone nut” shooter is on psychotropics.

Wow. What. A. Coincidence.

But that was a gutsy call to deviate from the script and kill cops instead of kids. Might be exactly what They need to get California-style gun restrictions passed. Using someone with minor runs in with law involving guns is also a nice touch; adds credibility that a crackdown on even small gun crimes is mandatory.

The silver lining on this black cloud is that, once again, it is confirmed that three, two, or even one motivated man with a rifle can tie up most of a major metropolitan area.

3% anyone?

As WRSA would say, “Tempus fugit.”

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