Successful Celebration of San Antonio Gun Control

by militialaw on October 21, 2013

In a breakthrough for kapos everywhere, Come and Take it San Antonio celebrated gun control this weekend by properly observing the commands of the local Polizeichef McManus.

In exchange for respectfully observing duly designated times and location to carry a rifle, the tyrant, Herr Polizeichef McManus agreed to not enforce his disarmament mandate for his zone.

The leader of the celebration made it clear that the storm troops that encircled them and who were just following orders were their friends and shpuld not be blamed for refusing to obey illegal orders:

He urged members of the crowd to not direct any anger over current gun laws toward law enforcement officers.

“Any anger you have, focus it at the lawmakers,” Patterson said. “Those are where the violations of our liberty come from. It’s not the cop on the street.”

However, the celebration almost turned into a protest when a group of men refused to obey the deal and leave after the official time for the celebration. Fortunately, they gave in and gave up their basic human right to carry a rifle in public like the others.

All in all, it was an amazing effort on the part of the local citizenry to bow down to their rulers and both tyrants and kapos look forward to other government approved celebrations.

2 thoughts on “Successful Celebration of San Antonio Gun Control

  1. George says:

    Any idea on the people’s feelings towards McManus, or how long he can expect to remain there?

    • militialaw says:

      My understanding is he has the full faith and support of the people. We have to keep in mind San Antonio used to be a part of Texas but thanks to its Air Force base, its now as federal as DC.

      The “protestors” are tilting at the proverbial windmill.

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