Kerodin Deletes His Threatening Post

by militialaw on October 30, 2013

Earlier today Kerodin threatened me and a few other folks. He promised to drive to our respective locations and teach us a physical lesson about how to properly speak about him.

I observed that his plan of action ran afoul of the US anti-stalking law found at 18 USC section 2261A.

After posting my observation, Kerodin deleted his post and in its place put a somber reflection of how bad he feels for Mike Vanderboegh. Kerodin’s new post is remarkably different than his earlier post (which he deleted, of course) where he bragged he would “walk up to [Vanderboegh’s] cancer-ridden walking corpse and push the bullet into you and through your puss-laden, seeping, oozing carcass with my fingers, you disgusting, useless f*ck.”

The now deleted Kerodin quote about what he was going to do to other bloggers can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Kerodin Deletes His Threatening Post

  1. FED watcher says:

    Nothing is ever really deleted on the net…

    It’s still there if you know where to look….

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