Kerodin and the Federal Stalking Statute

by militialaw on October 30, 2013

And here I thought he’d forgotten all about me…

Convicted extortionist Christian Kerodin, has demanded a face-to-face meeting with me and a bunch of others who he believes “are all talk.”

These meetings, according to Kerodin, are necessary as he wants to prove a theory:

Now, my contention is that the man would only speak to me one time in the tone he brings to the blogs if we were face-to-face. He would either stop using the tone, he would beat me into unconsciousness, or I would make it impossible for him to continue.

While he is trying his best to sound tough, all he is doing is reinforcing the fact he can’t prove any of the claims I’ve raised.

But his threat does raise an interesting ancillary point.

If Kerodin does manage to go to Alabama, Texas, or Florida as he is promising, it appears he can be arrested under the federal anti-stalking law codified at 18 U.S.C section 2261A(a); interstate travel + intent to injure/intimidate + causing target reasonable fear = Kerodin’s promised trip.

But Kerodin seems to have no fear of being prosecuted under this or any other statute.

Ask yourself why that is.

4 thoughts on “Kerodin and the Federal Stalking Statute

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  2. George says:

    Amazing! Who did he mention? I missed it.

  3. George says:

    Is this what you were talking about? It’s still up on his site on the sidebar at:

    He’s an ignorant bastard. I’ll give him that.

    III Florida
    Finding the real Patriots in Florida, exposing the Traitors
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    Coming to a town near you

    I think we can all agree that certain people, usually keyboard commandoes with their panties in a wad, say things to people that they would never say in person. The reason they would usually never speak such words in person boils down to fear and common sense. Many phrases uttered to many men would be met with an immediate backfist, with an offer of a fresh one, in case the first failed to properly correct the unacceptable behavior.

    As we talk, many of us devolve into such comments once in a while. We usually apologize and return to civilized discussions. Afterall, we are often discussing topics of serious weight, life and death. We can get wound up.

    But, there is a very small group who insist on using gratuitous assertions, ad hominem attacks, belligerence, sidetracking discourse, outright lies – either because they want to avoid the topic, or because they have beef with the person in the conversation. The Vanderboegh-Kerodin nonsense fits the bill.

    Now, my contention is that the man would only speak to me one time in the tone he brings to the blogs if we were face-to-face. He would either stop using the tone, he would beat me into unconsciousness, or I would make it impossible for him to continue.

    Since we have never met, Mike insists on starting anti-K rants routinely, usually when K and allies are advancing the projects of the III. The result is the community gets sick of it, and decrees that both men should stop. Personally, I am fed up being held responsible for Mike’s rambling mouth.

    So, I have devised a solution that I intend to initiate on my timeline. It is not open for discussion. This will happen, because I intend that Mike and his most vocal minions are all talk and will accept socially acceptable rules of discourse after this experiment. He can invite as many bodyguards as he feels needed. We can meet at his local Sheriff’s office for all I care.

    I intend to travel southerly, with stops in Mikey’s area in Alabama, a certain Mayors town in Texas, I’ll give Firestone the option of meeting somewhere in northern Florida with his potty mouth, I’ll travel to Militia Law;s area wherever he may be hiding, and finally I’ll’ invite Rawles to meet me so he can repeat his slurs against my wife if he has the balls.

    Personally, I do not think any of these fucks have what it takes to meet me straight up as a man. I have personal business in each area, so we’ll see if these little keyboard commandoes will come out and play when invited.

    I will be equipped with a Looxcie device that sends the action, audio and video, immediately to the cloud so the community can watch real-time.

    If you are a man, the community will know.

    If you squat when you pee, the community will know.

    Either way, this nonsense of “Both of you shut up!” will be over.

    Only a little bitch would say no to a friendly meeting.


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    Vanderboegh instability? You decide. He sees Kerodin everywhere…


    So – I just got a heads up to go check little lil’ Mikey Vanderboegh’s site – and look what I found.

    The cancer-ridden fuck had someone throw a ball bearing or something similar through his daughters bedroom. His response?

    “Has anybody done a bedcheck on Kerodin tonight? ;-)

    The man is mentally unstable.

    Now folks, I don’t think I have to explain just how fucking foul and disgusting the man is to print such a thing, especially in public. If any of you still have any doubts regarding his value in life and to humanity, this should put those doubts to rest.

    The man is a sad, pathetic, foul fuck who lives to create division and strife in the Patriot community.

    It’s that simple. Please do not bother me with his mentally unstable filth any longer. He needs help.

    He needs to do his part for humanity and die already. He really thinks he earns my attention in a day. Mikey, you are simply too insignificant as a Human Being, and too irrelevant as a player in the Patriot community to warrant even one serious moment of my time. You mean nothing to real men.

    Own it.

    Mike, this is for you, fucktard: If I EVER decide to come at you with a projectile, I will walk up to your cancer-ridden walking corpse and push the bullet into you and through your puss-laden, seeping, oozing carcass with my fingers, you disgusting, useless fuck.

    What a fucking coward.

    Here’s the link. It won’t be long before he edits it.


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    • militialaw says:

      Thanks for the heads up. That is bizarre that he moved the post to that location. I’d never have thought to click on his picture (?) to find a secret website full of rant.

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