About All That Ammo the DHS Has Been Buying…

by militialaw on November 1, 2013

Today’s killing of a TSA agent has just opened the door to a justification for giving every member of the American Ordnungspolizei a reason to carry a weapon.

Giving this motley collection of the worse kind of human scum weapons should be repugnant to any right thinking man. But, of course, no one in politics is right thinking so lets just start a pool on when the first TSA goon straps on a piece.

But in any event, the DHS conveniently just ordered 8x the amount of ammo it has in storage.

You know…just in case they suddenly needed a bunch of extra ammo.

You know…just in case its TSA Abteilung suddenly were allowed to be armed.

You know, because maybe some sort of anti-government radical might shoot up a TSA Kontrollpunkt with an assault weapon and so suddenly they all had to carry sidearms.

Reichstag fire, anyone?

One thought on “About All That Ammo the DHS Has Been Buying…

  1. smmtheory says:

    I’ll bet that dead TSA body is really happy to be a martyr for the cause about now. NOT.

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