Dick Metcalf is Unrepentant

by militialaw on November 9, 2013

Dick “Gun Control Has Its Place” Metcalf, the former Guns & Ammo editor took his opportunity to address his legion of critics at the Outdoor Wire and reiterate he respects gun control. He wrote:

If a respected editor can be forced to resign and a controversial writer’s voice be shut down by a one-sided social-media and internet outcry, virtually overnight, simply because they dared to open a discussion or ask questions about a politically sensitive issue . . . then I fear for the future of our industry, and for our Cause. Do not 2nd Amendment adherents also believe in Freedom of Speech? Do Americans now fear open and honest discussion of different opinions about important Constitutional issues?

This can only be construed as an admission by Metcalf that the Second Amendment is subject to a reasonable interpretation and is subject to the whims of those that happen to be in power (“an open and honest discussion…”) He goes on to point out his particular belief is mainstream and is backed up by Supreme Court decisions and law and so it must be obeyed.

I have typed out my lengthy criticism of the US Constitution. This is not the place for me to reiterate these points.

But the the literal text of the Second Amendment does recognize every human’s God-given right to keep and bear arms. Gun control shore ain’t bible, and there is no moral basis for denying anyone the ability to own and deploy any weapon capable of being used by a single man.

What Metcalf is espousing is the leftist belief that the 2A is negotiable. That is is subject to debate. That it is subject to “an open and honest discussion.”

That is the mindset that first started us down our current cycle of regulation, confiscation, and then extermination.

Metcalf is unrepentant. He cannot or will not embrace “shall not be infringed” means “shall not be infringed.” He should be shunned from polite society or just go work for Huffington Post, or Newsweek or whatever leftist propaganda rag he wants to represent.

And as for his list of 4 questions he places at the end of the piece, here are my answers: yes, yes, no, no.

One thought on “Dick Metcalf is Unrepentant

  1. George says:

    I agree with you. But then, what do I know? I majored in this stuff, but what do I know? It takes someone who was good in English Lit to know this stuff. To straighten us peons out. To think for us. NOT.

    I also agree with you that we should shun this oaf from all polite discussions on the subject, and include him only should he have the balls to ever address us on a more impolite basis. Which I am sure that he won’t.

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