Non-Violent Solution to Tyranny

by militialaw on November 15, 2013

If you are curious on how America became a police state or wondering why Americans put up with a police state this essay is probably one of the best analyses you can read on the two subjects.

It is rational, level-headed, and practical.

Of course, if withdrawing your consent to be a slave is too easy, you can always take convicted extortionist Christian Kerodin’s approach. Over past couple of days the convicted felon has posted a series of articles that call for you to prepare to kill law enforcement and suggesting that threats be issued against government employees to leave the country in 30 days or face a “bayonet.”

2 thoughts on “Non-Violent Solution to Tyranny

  1. Jackhammer says:

    What a Government snitch wacko! He would be better off in an asylum. His followers taught to think for themselves. His wife back in the hood.

    • militialaw says:

      To put it in context, Brandon Raub, a Marine, was arrested for posting a couple of anti-tyranny facebook posts. Yet Kerodin can post these things, over and over, and nothing.

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