Blurred Lines

by militialaw on November 16, 2013

A good friend returned from Vietnam and here is an excerpt from a note he sent me:

Also, the Nam seems to have less of a police state than the US.

To get on my plane from the US to Seoul, I had to choose between an invasive pat down or an untested naked body scanner. But from Seoul to Saigon security is just a quick walk through a metal detector.

I didn’t see a single CCTV outside the airport (unlike my America).

The few police officers I saw lacked body armor or military haircuts; they had a revolver in their holster.

The traffic was insane. Despite the Vietnamese treating lane markings and stoplights as suggestions, I didn’t see one cop “patrolling” the area or sitting in speed traps.

It’s a little sad that a communist nation has less of a visible police presence than the land of of the free.

One thought on “Blurred Lines

  1. Jackhammer says:

    Like all people, we kicked the shit out of ‘em and see this today. Perhaps there is something to be said about having to fight for our rights. Whether it is Communist or free. Their recent struggles have given them something we sorely lack.

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