Kerodin: “Leave Me the Hell Alone”

by militialaw on November 19, 2013

Convicted extortionist Christian Kerodin is still smarting over my public request for proof of his claimed lists of accomplishments.

He writes:

I have found that sometimes when a man, or men, need an attitude adjustment, somehow they find me. You’ve seen it here. Firestone & Folly came to this site and started their silliness. Militialaw did the same – he came here. There is a silly-arsed Mayor in Texas who needs to keep my name out of his mouth. There have been many, and there will be more. Why? Beats me, just been a pattern all my life.

You may be tempted to say “Uh, K – it’s because you’re an ass, dude.” You might not be entirely wrong.

To be clear, I “came to” Kerodin not because I thought he was an “ass” but to ask for proof of his long list of accomplishments. It would have been fairly easy to provide. Yet he refused to do so.

Rather than provide the evidence, instead he hid behind the mindless vitriol of his followers.

Recently, Kerodin’s wife signed the application to officially remove III from the control of you and your fellow threeper, and place it directly in her wallet. Classy, right?

Well, technically, her business III Arms will own the trademark…is that is less or more classy?

Not surprisingly, this conduct has generated almost universal criticism of Kerodin and it appears this little maneuver and resulting flak is getting to him as he finishes out his post with this plea:

Just leave me the hell alone, and there’d never be a problem. That is my personal philosophy, and most Patriots want the same in life.

I have a feeling the community isn’t going to leave him the hell alone as more and more patriots realize their popular symbol of our American heritage has just been hijacked.

It would be one thing if he actually invented it, but III belongs to the entire community, not just Holly Kerodin and her III Arms.

If you want to run off III t-shirts for sale at a rally, you should be able to. If you want to make III patches or stickers to give away at your booth at your local gun show, you should be able to. If you want to decorate every firearm or firearm accessory you make with a III, you should be able to.

But thanks to the poor decision of someone who wants to be “left alone,” if you try to celebrate our American tradition of resistance with a roman numeral, you run the risk of a lawsuit.

Hopefully, the III will survive this disaster. III is a good symbol, too good for any one person to control.

One thought on “Kerodin: “Leave Me the Hell Alone”

  1. The Soffitrat says:

    And way too good for these unpaid ‘agents’.

    Now that the FedGov, itself, controls the symbol, the People will have to develop another. In the People’s name. Not for the benefit of imposters. Let them (Kerodin & Associates. – prosper in their new ownership. In the same manner that all Tyrants of Jefferson should prosper.

    When will the true III’per’s begin to see those two (and their closest followers) for what they truly are? Enough has been documented to prove what they are. What their positions are, and how dangerous they are to the movement for liberty. Even when people refuse to see, there is an axiom. Written by Ayn Rand, which states,

    “You can deny reality, but you cannot deny the consequences of reality.” ~Ayn Rand

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