A (Wishful) Good Start

by militialaw on December 3, 2013

The fed Beast has a weakness, but its a weakness no one wants to exploit. Or at least when they do exploit it (to a standing ovation by the way), they quickly recant after the Beast lashes out.

The Beast’s weakness is the fact it must operate in the sovereign territory of a State and if a State decides to interfere with an unpopular Beast action, it can do it on its own terms.

Remember when Texas planned to criminally charge the scum at the TSA for groping flyers at Texas airports? That kind of activity would have ended the illegal conduct of the TSA and made Texas a free(er) State. But that kind of behavior is not tolerated in USA 2013 so the Beast threatened to assert an air blockade against the Great Republic. The Texas establishment government wilted at the threat, despite popular support to call the bluff.

So this idea, cut off the water supply to the new NSA Utah faciility is a great idea that would cripple the power of the Beast, but its an idea that I predict will go the way of the twenty-five cent Coke.

One thought on “A (Wishful) Good Start

  1. Soffitrat says:

    And if Gov. Good Hair had a hair on his balls, he would have called the CEO’s of both American and Southwest, requesting them to cease operations until the beast backed down. What would that have done? How long do you think it would have taken the Kenyan and his criminals to back off? But no. The Coward of Tejas didn’t have the gonads to do that. He’s gone and will be remembered with hate and repulsiveness.

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