Another Dead Commie

by militialaw on December 6, 2013

Nelson Mandela is dead but none of the main stories on his death expressly point out Mandela was at best a socialist and at his worse a Marxist. That is important because whitewashing history is a necessary truss in the building of a police state. A dead commie is a good thing and treating the man like he was equal to our Washington is an insult.

I have no quarrel with his use of violence. How could I? If I did complain he was a “terrorist” I’d be a hypocrite because I am an American and my country was founded by a violent secession from a lawfully instituted government. Our Founding Fathers were traitors, thank God, and intentionally caused the deaths of politicians and their agents in order to fulfill their plan. Every July 4th we celebrate violent revolution so get off your “he’s a terrorist” high horse.

What’s important is where Mandela and our Founding Fathers diverge. Americans were killing to establish a capitalist nation, that is, to allow men to live free of government control. Mandela and his wife were killing to institute an all powerful government of bureaucrats dedicated to reducing its citizens to slaves.

So don’t knock Mandela because he was a “terrorist;” piss on his grave because he was a Marxist terrorist.

3 thoughts on “Another Dead Commie

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  2. Soffitrat says:

    pingback on squirrel’s nest.

  3. Soffitrat says:

    Just a billion (give or take a few million) to go!

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