by militialaw on December 19, 2013

Man discovers it is illegal to wash his car in his own driveway

The officer attempted to smile for the camera and be cordial while he enforced the unjust laws. He pulled out a copy of the law and read it to the men, who stood in disbelief. The officer explained that the men were not allowed to do any work so long as they were in “public view.”

“I don’t make this sh-t up,” the officer explained. “I got a call from my lieutenant to come over here.”

“Just following orders.”

That famous defense invoked by cowards since 1945, is alive and well in American police circles.

Do you understand that a cop can run his mouth all he wants about “I won’t obey an order to confiscate” but the fact is when push comes to shove, he needs a paycheck and no cop anywhere is going to become unemployed so you can keep your rifle. When confiscation is ordered (“when” not “if”) he’s going to come over to your house with a stack of his buddies (“I got a call from my lieutenant to come over here”) and he’s going to flash/bang your house, kill your dogs and kill you if you don’t prone out by the time they make it to your room.

I know you know this cop who’s a buddy, and you have him over for BBQ and you go to the range together, and he votes GOP, yadda yadda. But wake up and realize his first allegiance is to his job, not to you and certainly not to the Constitution. If he pledged allegiance to the Constitution he wouldn’t be out enforcing unconstitutional laws. Fact. Unless your buddy brags that he never arrests anyone for gun possession or drug possession your buddy is a cop first, liberty-lover second. Don’t let the Oathkeeper patch fool you.

I was a prosecutor until I awoke and realized that I was being paid to enforce laws I didn’t agree with and I didn’t care what SCOTUS said. Most laws these days, and all gun laws, are patently unconstitutional and making a ruling saying “it is constitutional” isn’t good enough for me and it shouldn’t be for you either. SCOTUS said blacks were not human for decades and then said they are human but they must be kept separate from whites. That was the “constitutional” law in the US so don’t tell me that SCOTUS’ decisions are the unchallengeable and final law of the land.

I quit my job because that’s what you do when you put your money where your mouth is. I put the Constitution above my bank account because I’m an American who loves what this country once stood for.

This NJ cop is not unique, he’s not an aberration, he’s not the exception that proves there is a rule. He is the rule.

If your buddy cop found out you stole a car when you were 18 and were convicted of a felony, he’d arrest you for being a felon in possession without batting an eye. At best he’d force you to sell all your guns. He’d do all that despite the fact the 2A says nothing about barring felons from possessing weapons.

Cops are not your friends. (Unless you are also a cop.)

2 thoughts on “ACAB

  1. Soffitrat says:

    Sounds like the town got this BS from the EPA, where they won’t let you wash the dirt down their streets. Their streets!

  2. Soffitrat says:

    I hate to say it, but you are right. Unless, you have the power to shut them down. From ordering them to disregard a law or close down the entire PD. That can only happen in smalltown USA. Never in the mid-range to large ones.

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