Krauthammer is a Crypto-Fascist

by militialaw on January 3, 2014

I saw through the “conservative” glory boy Charles Krauthammer since his hate for Ron Paul came bubbling up in 2011.

Maybe now, the rest of the conservative community will see him for the wolf in sheep’s clothing he really is.

Here he is not only justifying minimum wage laws but saying they should be increased:

What conservatives ought to do is to say if you can’t feed a family on this — and as a result of our lousy recovery, a lot of people are depending on this wage — then I think for people who are the breadwinners in a family, it ought to be raised. But I think what you want for entry-level jobs — it’s really going to hurt teenagers, it’s really going to hurt minorities because they are going to lose the jobs which would help them to get started. I would have a two-tiered system. And I think that probably would be a way, a reasonable answer, that Republicans and conservatives could offer.

What is remarkable is in the same segment he saw the minimum wage for what it is: a job killer:

By way of background, during the minimum wage segment, Krauthammer correctly noted that raising the minimum wage would result in some job losses because “it’s an axiom of economics: If you raise the price of everything, you are going to lower demand.”

One thought on “Krauthammer is a Crypto-Fascist

  1. Soffitrat says:

    You are so right. The man didn’t get on Fox News by being a conservative. He got on by being a survivor.

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