California Still Doesn’t Get It

by militialaw on January 9, 2014

The governor of California, “Moonbeam” Brown, proposes to increase California’s budget for the next fiscal year by 8% or almost 8 BILLION dollars.

This is after the state has incurred another 15.8 BILLION dollars in unfunded pension liabilities which are conveniently being left off the books.

The end is coming folks. Nobody gets it. There is mass delusion, except for those who are actually searching for jobs. Men at my church, good men, skilled, excellent work history, can’t find work.

We are following the “secret” European depression, that is, the “let’s all put out heads in the sand and pretend it’ll all work out at the end” method of dealing with a collapse.

How bad is it in Europe?” In Spain, 20,000 applied for 400 jobs at a new Ikea.

Better tade greenbacks for silver, gold, or even ammo.



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