Why I Stopped Voting

by militialaw on January 18, 2014

Soffitrat wrote a good post on why you should never give up the vote. In the comments I explained why I disagree with him. I actually am quite pleased with my explanation and reprint it here:

Voting at the national level, and even the state level, is now ineffective in obtaining any kind of change away from the NWO plan.

Millions of illegals and millions more of welfare scum have ended the ability of the man with a job from having his candidate in power. A working man’s vote is outnumbered by 100 votes of do nothings, who only vote for “more.”

Change can’t happen to the system by using the system. You can only replace the system.

The govt controls the entire election, it controls the ballots, the locations, and most importantly the counting. It does this as it will never allow a freedom candidate (i.e. Ron Paul) to ever get elected. The Beast will not allow itself to be shrunk, limited, or in anyway have its path to totalitarianism.

Seriously, can you believe that America has been *voluntarily* a two-party system for over 200 years? You don’t think the powers that been haven’t rigged the system against a real opposition candidate? How can any country our size never have developed a meaningful third party without a concerted effort by the govt and the media to prevent opposition?

Ask yourself why the GOP has literally never made the govt smaller any time it gets in? Or whya no GOP president ended abortion, at least for his term via Executive Order? Ditto for gun bans, the Fed, the IRS and the BATF. What possible explanation could there be other than: the People don’t control the govt?

And let’s not forget the fact that ballots are counted by machines which use secret software. Look it up. The voting software is not “open source” it is a “trust me, we aren’t being paid off” kind of software. No one knows how the votes are being counted. A number just pops out for candidate X and Y and that’s it. “Democracy in Action.”

The reason I advocate “don’t vote” is because voting gives legitimacy to the govt. Voting makes it appear that everything is still fine and you agree with the system and the process. If you vote, you are “doing your duty” and “participating in the process.”

Voting is the sedative that keeps the People from rising up and enforcing the rights it has been given by God and enumerated in the 9th Amendment. The People still think as long as the ballot box is there, they still have hope. No matter how obviously corrupt the election result is, no matter how unresponsive the govt is, no matter how many “conservatives” attack Tea Party issues/people, well, we still got to vote. That’s ridiculous.

Our forefathers rebelled and burned the old system to the ground as the Brits took away the vote, dissolved local legislatures and invalidated their local laws.

Well, this govt learned the lesson: you don’t take away voting cause Americans will kill you. Instead, you can fool Americans by leaving the vote in place, but then make the vote ineffective by controlling the entire process. Same result, and the People don’t even notice.

The govt wants you to vote, it spends millions on get out the vote campaigns, because it wants you to feel like you still have a say in the govt. The second the People realize their power has been taken from them, that there vote isn’t worth anything, is the day DC burns to the ground.

Voting is an illusion to keep you thinking “at the next election things can change.” That change will never come, so stop giving support to a corrupt system. Tell everyone you meet the system is corrupt and you won’t participate in a corrupt system.

Show the govt you can see through its lies and won’t pretend any longer that change is coming via a ballot.

Scare them with the truth.

2 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Voting

  1. The Soffitrat says:

    Your words are right. I do not disagree with your arguments for that reason. While it may be an effort in futility to vote, there are still viable reasons to continue to do so. I addressed some of these with the question, “when we overthrow the government agents and return to self-governance, what method of selection will you concur with?” Nothing changes if nothing changes. On another point, the act (in itself) should not be permitted to elude our consciousness. For it might still be the only form of selection available to us.

    Still, with our beliefs, and knowing the devious nature of our leaders, it makes one shudder to think of what we have intentionally done to those ink fingered Iraqis. But that is another topic for another day.

  2. The Soffitrat says:

    I see shades of Rand in your logic.

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