Americans Are Doing It Wrong

by militialaw on January 25, 2014

Zerogov posted about how to limit your cell phone profile. In sum: don’t have one.

While the post has some helpful tips, it did make me wonder why are we bending over backward to avoid using helpful technology, instead of attacking the root of the problem?

Why should Americans have to use a dumb phone or a burner phone in order to have privacy?

Instead of passing around cell phone tips, Americans should be marching in the streets, demanding the NSA closes, arresting federal employees, and generally making trouble until we retake the freedom of privacy.

Of course that won’t happen anytime soon in this country.The Super Bowl is next weekend, March Madness is coming up, then baseball, then it’ll be time to take the boat out, spring break, road trips, and Disneyland, plus the new iPhone is suppose to be out in June…

Meanwhile, the Ukrainians are walking in George Washington’s footsteps and don’t even know it.


4 thoughts on “Americans Are Doing It Wrong

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  3. Ole'WOlf says:

    I agree with the basic question..Why have one at all? They don’t work where I live. I grew up without one. Why? Because it’s new… neat…everyone has one…TV the internet the neighbors say I should/need one. Because I can call for help if I see an accident/emergency? How ’bout I STOP AND HELP!? Sorry folks, just a tool and one I don’t need in the tool box. It’s like so much nowadays… just because we can doesn’t mean we should.

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