Bitmessage – Anonymous “Emails” and “Blogging” Possible

by militialaw on January 25, 2014

The WRSA comment section has an interesting post about a new encrypted communication tool call Bitmessage. You can read about here or download a primer for patriots at this location.

In short: using a program you install on your computer, you can create an unlimited number of anonymous addresses that you can then use to send automatically encrypted messages to other Bitmessage addresses.

This seems like a powerful method of secretly communicating not only with your own “tribe” as the poster references in his primer, but you can also use the broadcast feature which will allow you to basically run a “blog” but no one can learn you read the blog, no one can learn the true ID of the author of the blog, and no one can learn the ID the folks who comment.

I’m intrigued.

PS: The mega download site is a bit odd, so I uploaded it to my site here for download:

Bitmessage Primer for Patriotsv1a




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