A Kiev Kocktail?

by militialaw on February 28, 2014

Thanks to a reader at WRSA, we have an interesting use for Bullseye reloading powder described in a 1967 patent: A method of producing solid thermite pellets without the use of additives which comprises: mixing thermite powder with Bullseye pistol powder in the presence of a small amount of water, and cold pressing the mixture […]

California FFL Will NOT Sell Smart Gun

by militialaw on February 27, 2014

Thanks to Dave Codrea, we know the Oak Tree Gun Club is not going to sell the “smart gun” being hyped by the fascists. Our facility does NOT carry the Armatix pistol, never has, and this comment was taken out of context in an interview conducted by the Washington Post, [ΒΆ] The licensed firearms dealer […]

Obama Ignores Your Petititions and Protests (Of Course)

by militialaw on February 26, 2014

Yet again, Obama shows just how pointless it is to work within the system. Remember the hue and cry over NSA telephone spying which Obama promised would be curtailed? Remember the celebrations on how all the mainstream talking heads and “conservatives” glad handed one another on how responsive he was to objections and how petitions, […]

Violent Rebellion , Not Voting, was Key to Rebel Victory in Ukraine

by militialaw on February 26, 2014 has posted the NATO response to Russian maneuvers/drills being conducted in and around Ukraine. The response has this whopper of a lie: We welcome the fact that violence has been stopped through negotiations that paved the way for a peaceful outcome. Ha! The only negotiating which occurred happened after rebels took to the streets, […]

If You Are Reading This, You Are a Violent Racist

by militialaw on February 26, 2014

The hate mongers at the SPLC are busy conflating “patriots” and “militias” with “hate organizations” this week releasing a report that the number of the groups they spy on has dropped, but, fortunately for the SPLC’s bank account, the remaining groups are “leaner and meaner.” SPLC continues to successfully demonize militias by making them indistinguishable […]

Don’t Answer the Door

by militialaw on February 26, 2014

Your favorite Constitutional Court has just discovered yet another exception to the warrant requirement of the Fourth Amendment. Following a never-ending line of cases that have ripped apart and mutilated the right to require warrant to enter your home, SCOTUS hs just realized this exception is found in the Constitution: police can ignore your objection […]

Not Registering is the Same as Confiscation

by militialaw on February 25, 2014

The Government of Connecticut has taken the first step in confiscating rifles and magazines from owners who have not registered them. Sipsey Street Irregulars has posted the identities and home addresses of everyone who voted for the confiscation registration. The Connecticut government has made its decision. The Connecticut media has thrown its support behind the […]

Intentional Crisis

by militialaw on February 22, 2014

You know how the feds decided to cutoff water from California farmer’s? Well, that was the first time that ever happened in 54 years. So with all the droughts in the past 54 years, only this one warrants dehydration. During a midterm election year. During a time Obama has already punished his enemies and promised […]