A Challenge for FFLs

by militialaw on February 21, 2014

Would you please boycott this pistol?

This new handgun, the Armatix iP1, is specifically designed to prep the nation for government veto power over the use of firearms, and to introduce the concept of “limited shelf life” weapons.


Think of this pistol as the teflon they are spraying on that slippery slope we have heard so much about.

Do you see how these kinds of “safety” mechanisms have ruined the markets in California and Massachusetts?

If you possess an FFL you have a moral obligation not to carry it in inventory and not to assist in its transfer to an owner.

Additionally, you need to stop doing business with FFLs, including distributors, that market this gun.

This isn’t a game, this is the government’s endgame and by participating in it, you are selling the rope that will be eventually be used to [try to] hang us.

Don’t be a kapo.

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