Trained to Break the Law

by militialaw on February 21, 2014

When those paid to enforce the law are made exempt from the law, by definition the “law” has ceased to be a “law” and is now a mere “whim.”

“Whims” can make for a fun weekend, but they necessarily cause those without a badge to resent the badges, refuse to cooperate with the badges and otherwise make trouble. This in turn causes the badges to retaliate and the Cycle of Dysfunctional Government is made complete.

According to the NYPD Commissar, NYPD officers are even trained to break the law:

“Police Commissioner William Bratton said he’s ‘not overly concerned’ about Mayor Bill de Blasio’s official vehicles being caught on camera by CBS 2 breaking numerous traffic laws.

Speaking to reporters Friday after his weekly meeting with the mayor, Bratton defended the security detail, which is operated by NYPD detectives, saying the officers did ‘what they’re trained to do.’ “

Quote from this article:

I’m not sure how the residents of NY have managed to avoid self-helping their way to a better life with that kind of aristocratic excrement being rubbed in their faces on a daily basis, but I suppose one revolution in three centuries is enough for them.

One thought on “Trained to Break the Law

  1. Soffitrat says:

    The Sheep of New York deserve whatever they get. Including work camps and a bullet to the back of their heads. They are cowards.

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