The Number of Sovereign Nations Drops By One

by militialaw on February 22, 2014

Only 23 years after it declared independence from the USSR, the Ukraine has submitted its sovereignty to EU-IMF control.

Too bad.

While the Soros-funded rebels played an important role in educating would-be American rebels on various tactics, in the end the rebels were seeking to align Ukraine under the control of the NWO.

You do understand the EU is a “bad thing,” right?

That’s why Obama was supporting them.

That’s why Merkel was supporting them.

That’s why you should not have supported them.

Be ready, steady, and accurate.

5 thoughts on “The Number of Sovereign Nations Drops By One

  1. smmtheory says:

    It is unfortunate that Ukrainian peoples were not able to make up their own minds to have nothing to do with either. I blame the politicians that got themselves caught between a rock and a hard place. The devil’s choice that, between the NWO and Communist regime.

  2. militialaw says:

    Interesting point.

    But I just can’t shake the feeling that the status quo was not as bad as the Soros-rebels said. I am certainly the last one to protect a statist, but the fact Obama supported the rebels leads me to believe the so-called “communist” status quo was really just anti-USA.

    The Russians are clearly Marxist, but their anti-EU posture acts as a check to all of the former USSR falling into the hands of the NWO.

    Definitely a rock and hard place.

  3. smmtheory says:

    That is true, the status quo may not have been as bad. Being able to put a face on your oppressor and know who you’re dealing with as opposed to a faceless/unknown oppressor is probably better. Is that what you’re thinking?

    • militialaw says:

      Something like that. Everyone knew the Prime Minister and Putin’s game; it was open and obvious. But the EU is nefarious and will, as they have with all of the other member states, give them money in exchange for their political souls.

  4. Soffitrat says:

    This isn’t over with yet. Putin has yet to move.

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